Here at Leyfos we use a number of coating techniques to achieve a high quality finish…

Thermoplastic Powders

The dipping of metal components into Thermoplastic powders or, Fluidised Bed dipping, as it is sometimes known, is the oldest form of plastic coating and goes back to the time when Leyfos Plastic Limited was established in 1972.

Pre-treated metal components are heated up and dipped into a fluidised bed of thermoplastic powder, the powder particles then melt onto the metalwork, forming a smooth continuous coating.

Thermoplastic coating material is ground into a fine powder and kept in a steel box (Fluid Bed) open at the top and with a fine gauze across the bottom, which allows air to be blown through the gauz and make the powder particles act as a fluid , hence fluidized bed.

Metal components are pre-treated, usually de-greased and shotblasted, heated up to between 250 and 400 degrees C depending upon the coating required, then dipped into the Fluid Bed of plastic. The Powder particles melt onto the metalwork forming a smooth continuous coating.

Coating materials used can be Low Density Polyethylene, the PPA ® range, Talisman ®, Deconyl ® Nylon 11 (Rilsan ®)

Coating materials used – Plascoat PPA Range & Rilsan , Nylon 11

Electrostatic Coatings

High performance (PTFE) coatings