Leyfos Plastics Limited have been a Leading Supplier to the Construction and Infrastructure sector for over 30 Years and understand the Unique and Demanding Requirements of these Industries.

Typically components will be exposed outdoors for a considerable amount of time and have to withstand severe environmental conditions including extremes of temperature, UV light, salt laden atmosphere, and acid rain.

This is where Thermoplastic Polymers designed for such requirements outperform other finishes like plating and galvanising. Thermoplastic Polymers are also available in a range of colours unlike some of the more traditional protections.

In addition to corrosion resistance and UV resistance, there is a growing need for technically capable coatings that can offer characteristics such as low/Anti flammability, Self-Extinguishing, low smoke and fume, electrical insulation and even anti-graffiti.

  • Fencing Products
  • Stadium seating
  • Rail platform furniture
  • Structural Steel
  • Walkways
  • Platforms
  • Rebar Coating
  • Dowl Bar Coating

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