Produced from castor oil, Rilsan® PA11 resin is a high performance polymer of 100% renewable origin.  

Rilsan® PA11 resin has been a trusted source of performance in highly demanding applications for 70 years. Since its beginning, it has been synonymous with performance and durability.

Exterior applications

Anti-corrosive properties and a wide variety of colors allow for extensive use outdoors.

Specific properties

  • Corrosion and cleaning agents resistance
  • Warm and smooth touch
  • Wide range of colors available
  • Good UV and weathering resistance
  • Durable with high impact resistance
  • Graffiti easy to remove


  • Fabricated Pipework
  • Water Filters
  • Backing Flanges
  • Pipe Couplings and Adaptors
  • Nut, Bolts and Washers

Premium grades

Among the wide product line there are two grades that can offer exceptional performance outdoors.

Our industry leading accreditations